Flights: Podgorica - Krakow

Flights from Podgorica to Krakow - The search will help you find the best deals on airline tickets with discounts and sales. Use the online booking form to search for flight tickets Podgorica - Krakow.

Departure schedule for Podgorica - Krakow

Cheap Flights from Podgorica to Krakow

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What is the price of an air ticket Podgorica - Krakow

How much is a plane ticket for Podgorica - Krakow? And how to buy a cheaper ticket? Go to the online booking form and study all offers of airlines today.

Tickets from Podgorica to Krakow in the coming days

Date of departureTransplantsFind tickets
March 30, 20231 stopTickets from 40
March 29, 2023Direct flightTickets from 45
March 28, 2023Direct flightTickets from 61
March 27, 20231 stopTickets from 66
March 27, 20232 stopsTickets from 89
March 30, 20232 stopsTickets from 103
March 28, 20231 stopTickets from 115
March 26, 20231 stopTickets from 121
March 26, 2023Direct flightTickets from 125
March 28, 20232 stopsTickets from 145
March 29, 20232 stopsTickets from 187
March 26, 20232 stopsTickets from 229
March 27, 20233 transplantsTickets from 243
March 29, 20231 stopTickets from 250
March 29, 20233 transplantsTickets from 260
March 30, 20233 transplantsTickets from 394
March 26, 20233 transplantsTickets from 522

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A few recommendations when buying a cheap ticket

  1. Buy your tickets in advance
  2. As a rule, the cost of tickets is cheaper on weekdays than on weekends and holidays
  3. If you buy a round-trip ticket, you can save money

What airlines fly from Podgorica to Krakow?

To date, the only direct flight from Podgorica to Krakow is Ryanair.

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