Rent a car in Becici

Rent a car in Becici - A great option for exploring Montenegro. Becici is located near the most popular resort city of Montenegro - Budva.

Rent a car in Becici
Rent a car in Becici

Why rent a car in Becici?

Renting a car in Montenegro is very popular among both locals and tourists. This is because a car is the most convenient way to travel from place to place in the country. In addition, most people like to drive, so they do not need to waste time on public transport.

Renting a car in Becici is a great way to explore this beautiful Balkan country if you want to travel on your own terms. Prices are reasonable and fuel is not as expensive as in other European countries. After all, if you want to travel around Montenegro by car, renting one here is a great idea!

Car rentals in Becici are popular because of the proximity to several popular attractions. Many people stay in Becici overnight, weekend or even for a month and rent cars to explore the surroundings. Therefore, it is highly recommended to book a car to explore the surroundings.

Car rental companies in Becici offer different types of vehicles and vehicle types at different agencies. Some of the options include cars, vans, SUVs and motorcycles. Vehicle types usually change depending on the season and demand. For example, compact cars are more common during the summer months because of their lower cost and fewer emissions. Some agencies have car pickup points at the airport in Podgorica, so they can be easily rented and picked up.

Another handy feature is online booking for quick reservations and payment. I recommend the rental company LocalRent. On-site managers can help you set up an account and reserve a car at any time.

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What are the prices of car rentals in Becici

Of course, it is not possible to answer this question with one sentence. The cost of car rental is formed of many factors, such as seasonality, car class, rental period, etc.

Below are the prices of daily rental cars depending on seasonality (the prices of the average car class)

Rent a car in Becici

What documents do I need to rent a car in Montenegro?

If you want to rent a car in Becici, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • driving license
  • foreign passport
  • credit card