Rent a car in Krasici

Rent a car in Krasici - The first thing you need to do when you arrive in Montenegro. If you want to see all the sights of this country, you need to rent a car. To get to the mountainous areas in the north of Montenegro is possible only by car, because public transport is very undeveloped here and there is no other way to see the beautiful scenery!

Rent a car Krasici
Rent a car Krasici

Why rent a car in Krasici?

If you are planning a trip to Montenegro, you will need a car. This Balkan nation is exceptionally well preserved and offers many natural wonders. Nevertheless, many visitors prefer to rent a car in Krasici when visiting the country. In this article, we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of renting a car in Montenegro.

First, most people prefer to rent a car when visiting the country. This is because public transport is limited and unreliable in most parts of the country. Plus the roads are mostly paved, which makes driving more comfortable and safer. Some people also like to drive themselves and experience the country on their own terms. All in all, driving is a great way to explore Montenegro on your own terms.

Montenegro has many picturesque and natural places where it makes sense to rent a car. For example, Lake Skadar is an exceptional lake surrounded by cool forests. Further north is the Black Lake, Durmitor National Park, etc.

In addition, the Adriatic coast of the country has many natural beaches where you can sunbathe and swim. A weekend getaway from the city to one of these popular spots is popular with drivers and passengers alike.

Renting a car in Krasici makes sense for many tourists. Not only does it help you explore the country, but it also benefits you financially as you travel around the area and take in the natural sights. Ultimately, having a car allows you to experience much more than the average tourist in this Balkan country!

What are the prices of car rentals in Krasici

Both in Montenegro and in other countries, the price for car rental depends primarily on the season, the class of the car and term of its lease.

For example, the cost of renting a medium-class car in Krasici in the season can be rented for 50 euros / day

Below are the prices of car rental in Montenegro, depending on seasonality.

Hire a car Krasici price
Hire a car Krasici price

What documents do I need to rent a car in Montenegro?

If you want to rent a car in Montenegro, you will need: a driver's license, a passport and a credit card.

LocalRent rental company review

LocalRent (formerly Myrentacar) has been renting cars in Montenegro since 2011. This company aggregates cars of local companies in Montenegro and places them all on one site.

Thanks to this, the company's website has more than 500 cars at a very low price. No hidden fees, full transparency - the main principles of the company.

Advantages of car rental at LocalRent

LocalRent is the undisputed leader in car rental in Montenegro. Among the main advantages of the company are:

  1. the company's website presents more than 500 cars for daily rent
  2. available: SUVs, convertibles, motorcycles, scooters, sedans, limousines, sports cars
  3. The lowest prices for car rental in Montenegro
  4. to book a car on the company's website it is enough to deposit only 20%
  5. possibility of renting a car without a deposit (pledge or deductible)
  6. the ability to get a car at the airport on arrival or at the hotel
  7. 24/7 tech support
  8. professional advice
  9. very high customer service

Book your car in Krasici online through the form below!

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